Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Organic Herbicides and Red Worm Composting

Nature’s 1-2 Punch

Providing plants with the right supplementary nutrients, sufficient water and sunlight to maintain their health is important to garden farming. Many things can be done to provide sufficient nutrients for your plants. Red Wiggler worms is one way to go.

Worm composting or "vermicomposting" provides your plants with a potent, organic fertilizer to keep them green and strong. You must also consider the right safety measures to protect your plants from invasive elements such as weeds. Yes weeds! Weeds are perennial pests to farmers and home garden enthusiasts alike! Of course there are numerous measures you can resort to when it comes to eliminating these pests. But are they all safe? Well, with organic herbicides you can be sure they are.

Organic herbicides

There are lots of ways to protect your organic garden, all you need to do is choose the one which best fits your purpose. Majority of these organic herbicides can be found to contain high concentrations of acetic acid, the same compound found in vinegars. This compound is capable of killing the upper part of the weeds and makes clean work out of them. The only problem is that at some instances it does not completely kill the weeds and they come back to life. Re-application may be needed for this kind of organic herbicide.

Mulch is also a very effective organic herbicide, probably the most effective of them all. This is because mulch not only prevents weeds from growing but it also revitalizes soil! Organic mulch is the best organic herbicide because along with its ability to protect the plants from invasive weeds, it also breaks down to provides nutrition to plants. Some kinds of organic mulch are as follows: wood, chips, pine barks and nuggets, straw, glass clippings and coffee grounds. Choosing the best covering for you is important as picking the wrong one may take your plants a turn for the worse than for the better.


Composting is another integral part to growing a perfectly healthy home garden farm. How is this? Composting provides an enriching organic fertilizer, capable of improving the current state of your home garden plants. Worm composting is probably the best way to go if you want to do composting.

Red worms supply the best organic fertilizers for garden plants by excreting worm castings, a very rich mixture capable of providing nutrients to your beloved plants. Red worm composting is also extremely easy to maintain. There is no need to keep any expensive equipment running or pricey chemicals or compounds to keep your red worms in tip-top shape. All you need is a box, some organic material to munch on and a comfortable bedding to keep your red worms safe. In exchange for all these cheap accommodations, your red worms give you a constant supply of red worm castings and these are the best kind of organic fertilizers.

Composting worms and organic herbicides; going all-natural has never been so effective. This is nature’s one-two punch against chemical-churning commercial companies. And truth be told, it is a very good combo.